Heath Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA)

​HIPPA allows active treating providers such as licensed mental health therapists, psychologists, pediatricians, physicians' assistants, and nurse practitioners to communicate clinical care information, including medication management plans, without signed consent for safety reasons. 


There are two exceptions to the above statement: written psychotherapy notes and substance abuse treatment maintained by a licensed substance abuse program. The American Academy of Pediatrics has specific information regarding provider to provider communication


Please call or email and allow two business days for response. Text messages are not received. We send an appointment reminder email the week prior to the appointment. If you did not receive a reminder, but believe you have an appointment, please contact the office.


For medication treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, particularly if initiating or adjusting psychiatric medication, Nurse Practitioner Law requires that the patient is working with a therapist.

Frequency of Visits

To provide the safest and most accurate psychiatric treatment for your child, Nurse Practitioner Law will need to see your child at minimum once every five months to continue prescribing their medication.


Please provide at minimum 24 hours-notice of appointment changes or cancellations.  If appointments are missed, rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours' notice, a $100 late cancellation fee will be charged.